The entrepreneur is dead, long live the entrepreneur!

The end of a glorious title

Friday afternoon can be an excellent time as some may partake in a long lunch and daydream the afternoon away looking forward to the weekend. What a beautiful time, as it is potentially the most prolonged period before returning to work. Maybe becoming an entrepreneur is the answer!

According to a somewhat recent survey, half of the general population are unhappy with their jobs. As the workday ends today, you may find yourself at a bar with your co-workers. Usually, the topic of discussion would involve psychoanalyzing your boss’s actions throughout the week. Liquid courage overtakes your workweek fatigue, and you ponder at the idea of running your own company. As the cheese on the nachos goes cold, you part ways with your co-workers still thinking of breaking away.

Or perhaps, you are racing for the door, so you can meet with your friends and family to recover from the tiring workweek. Life at home is fantastic, where the beer is cold, and pants are optional! With your blood pressure returning to normal after surviving rush hour traffic, it is time to unwind. Staring at the very faces, you work hard for you begin to wonder if it is possible to be with them more often.

Entrepreneurship is my way out of this rat race

The allure of looking over the wall is enticing. Not having a boss sounds incredible. No more alarm clocks, no more pointless meetings, no more forced staff events after work hours. Let’s blow this pop stand and become entrepreneurs. Grab your best drinking buddies and start thinking of fresh, innovative business ideas. Or maybe you are ready to fly solo and are staring face to face with the massive task list to get your business off the ground. Don’t expect support from specific family and friends, because they won’t understand why you would give up a secure paycheck.

The infamous fork in the road for entrepreneurs!
Eventually, you will come to a fork in the road, and there is no turning around. Either you have what it takes to build a viable business that you can generate an honest living. Or you may find yourself romanticizing around the idea of being an entrepreneur, yet you don’t even know where the starting line is. These two paths are available to everyone, and they will never meet again. On one road you will find yourself working every hour of the day to make your business work. The other path you may find yourself telling everyone that you are an entrepreneur and eventually it will all work out (fingers crossed).

There isn’t a real finish line when you are an entrepreneur

During the yesteryear, many would perceive entrepreneurs as having a traditional brick and mortar business. Whether it is your uncle that started his bait and tackle shop, or your neighbor who operates a successful bakery in the town plaza. They are the can-do individuals that also provides employment opportunities for those in need of a job. These are the individuals that represent the backbone of our society, and they are respected by many.

With the modern landscape that we consume products and services, almost anything can be a business. No longer do you need to have a storefront, in many cases, you can operate your business from home in your pajamas. The endless options of being a business owner have cultivated a new breed of entrepreneurs. In several cases, these individuals produce minimal tangible products, and their services are not entirely clear. While the person on the first path is working away on their business, the person from the second track is blasting their title on social media. Entrepreneurship has moved from a physical place of business to a self-appointed title.

What happens to the person who walks the first path?

There is an eventual happy ending for the person who walks the first path. Their countless hours of burning the midnight oil may be paid off with a business they built on their own. No longer are they attached to the title “entrepreneur,” they are now an app designer, a published author, an online instructor, a software developer, and much more. It wasn’t an easy journey, but they finally broke away. Some arrive at this destination faster than others; however, the path is still the same.

The only downside is hearing the faint echo from those on the other path (a long distance away) shouting “what is your secret.” Spare them the details; they just want to jump straight into launch parties and cashing stock options. It can be a humbling experience because you were once at the starting line deciding which way to go. Fortunately, you are walking in the right direction. You now have something tangible, and you don’t need to tell people you are an entrepreneur. They know what you do!

Friday afternoons will never be the same!

This piece is for those who are currently working away on their business that doesn’t get a chance to showcase their hard efforts. If you find yourself not liking your job, and you find yourself on the right pathway; don’t be afraid to say hello. For those that are still at work, but hate their job, just know that you aren’t alone. Before you leap, make sure you find yourself on the right path.

Happy Friday Everyone!