The ChangeUP Approach

Budgeting solution by freelancers for freelancers

As a freelance professional, there are certain creature comforts that we initially gave up when we left the employment world, such as having a payroll accountant deducting our taxes for us. With ChangeUP, you can create a budget based on your expected earnings to pinpoint how many billable hours you will need to charge to cover your ongoing expenses.

Don’t have a budget? No problem.

Unlike apps that automate your budget from historical transactions, ChangeUP assists you through a simple planning process to ensure that your budget is foolproof.

Time > Money

Viewing your budget in hours worked versus dollars spent

Avoid the Tax Man

Know in advance if you are setting aside enough tax on your earnings

Know your worth

Protect your cash flow by calculating necessary increases to your hourly rate

Organize your accounts

Simplicity is key, learn how to maximize your bank accounts to prevent unnecessary fees

Start Saving

You work hard, learn how to pay yourself first

Eliminate Debt

Maximize your time by creating a repayment plan that benefits you in the long run


Supporting the growing freelance market

As you continue to build your clientele and move away from the 9-to-5 grind, ChangeUP is here to help with tools to help you master your cash flow. You don’t have time to sweat the small stuff like deductions and invoicing, let us help you on your journey. By creating a stable budget as a freelancer, you can maximize the services that are readily available in the market.

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Canadian Version


Canadian Version