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The best coffee shops for remote working in Vancouver (with wifi!)

While some are looking for a place to meet clients, others are just looking for power¬†outlets. Whether you are a remote worker or just looking for somewhere to take your laptop, it can be challenging to find that one place that has it all. From East Van to the West End, Vancouver has some fantastic…

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Finding your runway – A guide for startup founders self-financing

At the beginning of a startup’s life, time is way more valuable than money The work day is over, but the real work day begins. You heat up leftovers in the microwave for dinner, and you set yourself up for another long evening. Your day job has served its purpose for so long but is…

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Changing Careers Later in Life

Stop losing sleep on Sunday evenings; change is always a good thing! With Sunday roast for dinner and leftovers for lunch, at work tomorrow, you begin to settle into your end of weekend rituals. Then it hits you, like a freight train, your thoughts of Monday makes you collapse onto the couch. Anxiety takes over,…

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The entrepreneur is dead, long live the entrepreneur!

The end of a glorious title Friday afternoon can be an excellent time as some may partake in a long lunch and daydream the afternoon away looking forward to the weekend. What a beautiful time, as it is potentially the most prolonged period before returning to work. Maybe becoming an entrepreneur is the answer! According…