Frequently Asked

You asked, we answered

Where can I use your product?

ChangeUP is available on both Android and iOS within the Canadian market; however, we are working around the clock to expand into other countries.

Is your product available in any other countries?

A US version of ChangeUP is scheduled to launch later this year. There are future plans to roll out the product to the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Why is the ChangeUP app available for free?

We believe financial literacy should be a right, not a privilege. As our company grows we will be introducing new services that will help us grow to the next level.

Do you have a Key Partner Program?

Yes, we do! We are looking to work with community leaders who are interested in improving financial literacy for the majority. Contact us if you are interested to learn more about our program.

How am I able to contribute to the movement if I am an individual and not institution?

We believe it will take a village to build our community. If you want to be apart of our movement you can contribute by any of the following:

1. Sharing your thoughts on our products and services is excellent to start. We would love to hear from you.
2. Let your friends know about us by sharing our content on your social media accounts.
3. Up for an exciting challenge, why not apply for a job with us. We are always looking to find the brightest and best to join our growing team.
4. Contact us directly if you would like to see/learn something that we aren’t showcasing at the moment.

Are you white labelling your platform?

We definitely are. We are open to licensing our platform for companies to improve their relationship with existing clientele.

Do you work with non-profit organizations?

We are open to having a discussion with our involvement with non-profit organizations. Ideally, we would like to connect with charities that are striving to help individuals and families to better their living situation through education.